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"Шабыт"(Inspiration) Orchestra of folk instruments

The history of the creation of the orchestra is connected with the history of the university. In 1959, at the S.Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University, the dombyra circle was opened and began its work. In the same year, under the direction of director G. G. Duhov, instruments for orchestra were purchased from Karaganda by special order. The first leaders of the ensemble were well-known musicians Saylau Boranbayev and Zhumagali Kyzdarbekov.

The current leader is Gaukhar Yerkinovna Sarmantaeva.


• distribution of works by Kazakh composers and folk music among young people;

• to awaken students' interest in national art and culture;

• by means of real art to prepare spiritual, moral and highly cultured specialists;

• selection of students playing the instrument and working with them;

• active participation in cultural events of the university and in the organization of cultural and leisure work;

• identify talented and gifted students and effectively use their creative potential in educational work;

• development of creativity in the direction of wide dissemination among students of the national instrumental genre;

• development of cultural and professional skills;

• attracting students to the Шабыт circle of folk instruments.