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"Shanyrak" Club

The club includes representatives of different nationalities. Students are interested in the work of the club, which operates in accordance with the approved plan. Planned activities are held.

The purpose of the club: to provide students with information about the culture, religion, language and history of other nationalities living in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

• creation of favorable conditions for students with an increase in the level of knowledge of the state language and mother tongue, as well as an increase in the level of general humanitarian education;

• the formation of spiritual unity, the preservation of inter-ethnic friendship, the maintenance of stability among university students;

The objective of the club: the formation of the moral attitude of students. Respect for the elderly, respect for the younger generation; the ability of students to behave in society; to promote the revival of national culture, education of national traditions, the formation of a moral personality and the development of communication skills.