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"Шаттык" (Joy) Dance Ensemble

"Шаттык" is the first dance group created at the S. Seifullin KATU in 2007 under the leadership of Shamshiev Almat Sherdaruly. The repertoire of the ensemble includes dozens of Kazakh and dances of other nations of the world. No major university event is complete without the participation of a dance team. About the student ensemble know even outside the country - "Шаттык" is the winner of international competitions.


• to give an idea of ​​the Kazakh folk dance, which has long emerged in a series with a rich heritage of the people. Tell about the famous Kazakh choreographers;

• to teach to perform movements to the beat of the music, to put theoretical knowledge into practice;

• to form knowledge of dance and inculcate dance skills;

•to develop the ability to keep yourself on stage;

•to develop the ability to listen, feel and memorize music, cultivate hard work, love of nature, improve aesthetic taste, instill patriotic feelings through the art of dance.


In November 2018, the team of the 6th International Festival-Competition of Choreographic Art “Roses of Kazakhstan-2018” won the first place in the nomination “Folk Dance” and received a ticket to Bulgaria. The head of the ensemble A.Sherdaruly was awarded a diploma for the "Best Choreographer's Work".