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«Шебер қолөнершілер» (Master craftsmen) club

   The club «Шебер қолөнершілер» was created on November 19, 2015 and is formed from the number of active individuals, students of S. Seifullin KATU.

   The club «Шебер қолөнершілер» will teach students to show interest and understanding to the craft, and also helps to realize them. To exhibit prepared products at the fair, and to send the received funds as material assistance to students from low-income families.

   The purpose of the club:

• Expansion of students' creative horizons, the formation of a comprehensive personality;

• Creating conditions for the work of club members in various creative areas;

• Presentation of handicrafts at the city level exhibition.

  The head of the club is a student of the faculty of Land management&Architecture and Design Abdullayeva Orynay.