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"Сымбат" (Slimness)Girls Club

"Сымбат" Girls Club aims to hold events, promoting the customs of our people, traditions that will resonate in the hearts of young girls. Promoting family values, such as the kindness of the mother, the well-being of the house, politeness, resilience, and ethical education, instilling aesthetic taste.

The purpose of the club:

• To educate girls morality, politeness, goodwill;

• To promote the development of girls a deeper understanding of the importance of women's role in the world, awareness and acceptance of their feminine essence;

• Promoting respect and esteem of national cultural and material values;

• To instill in girls respect for seniors and respect for folk traditions, life and life history, products of folk applied art

The club chairman is Utenova Nursulu, a student at the Faculty of Economics.