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Vocal circle

Those who sing well attend a vocal circle. Students with unique natural voices sing Bibigul Tolegenova's songs “Nightingale”, “Kazakh Waltz”, “Spring”. Several bands were created: the Nur trio, the Tamsan and Zhas Kyran quartets.

Nurlybek Tolepbergen and Zalgas Sultan lead the teams.


• develop youth vocal abilities;

• to give an idea of ​​the art of singing, to instill the basic rules of singing;

• learn to listen and feel the music;

• develop mastery of pure and soulful performance of songs;

• learn to distinguish the level of sound, the ability to understand the rhythm of music;

• educate a musically literate, spiritually rich generation with a developed aesthetic taste.


Algabay Erdaulet - winner of the city festival “Zhastar”, 2017;

Korkem Orazalin - the winner of the contest "Zhastar Zhalyny", 2018.