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Scientific circles

Scientific circles at agronomical faculty

Student scientific research club "Compomix"
Сlub "ASBK"
Scientific-research club «Plodorodie (Fertility)»
Scientific  research club «Ormanshy»
Student scientific research club «Phytodоctor»
Student Ecological Club «Eco Life»
Rastenievod-Plant Grower

Scientific circles at at technical faculty
About work of a circle "Modern Cookery"
"Mechanical and mathematical modeling» club
Research club «Mechanizer»
Student scientific club «Transport»
The scientific club «The students' security service of traffic»
Research club «Transport worker"
«Formula Student» ғылыми-техникалық үйірмес

«The Milkman» сlub
OBJECTIVE of Formula Student sci-tech study group
«Young researchers of food and processing industries»
Circle "Engineering and Robotics"
Circle “Materials Science, Technology and Marketing”
Brief information about SNK "INNOVATOR"
Scientific student club "Oiler"

Scientific clubs at the faculty of Veterinary science and husbandry breeding technology

Scientific-research circle «Ichthyologist" 
Student scientific research club"Sayatshi"
The student group «Pathology"
Student research club «Animal husbandry technologist"
Student scientific club «Biocolority"

Research club of department «Veterinary sanitation”
Research club «Veterinary and sanitary control"

Scientific-research club «Surgeons”

Scientific clubs at the economic faculty

Club «Strategic Marketing”
Scientific research club of the department «Management"
Scientific research club “Actual economy”
Scientific research club of the department "Finance"
«Young Accountant»
“Eco-Law” club

Scientific circles at faculty of management of land resources, architecture and design

The student group "Young cadastre engineer"
Center of the  scientific works and projects "Georesources"

Scientific circles at energy faculty

Infrared circuits «Digital energy»
"Energy saving and energy efficiency" student research group

Scientific clubs at the humanitarian faculty

Scientific Club «Astana - a symbol of independent Kazakhstan»
Scientific club "Young researcher"
Club «Mangilik El»
English language club
THE «RUHANIAT» scientific and literary-cognitive club

Scientific clubs at the faculty of computer systems and professional education

Student Design Bureau "Microprocessor Systems"
Scientific club "Programming of microcontrollers"
Scientific research club “Computer and mathematical modeling”

Club "Young researcher"
Student Science Club (SSC) «natural science»

Scientific circles at department of biological sciences

Student scientific club "Parasitologist Researcher"
"Young scientist-zoologist" scientific research club
Scientific-research club “Surgeons”
Scientific research club "Young Morphologist"
Student scientific club"Young philologist"
Scientific Club "Dendrochronology"