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About work of a circle "Modern Cookery"

In the system of education of students an important place is occupied by labor, moral, aesthetic, environmental education of the younger generation.

The program of the circle "Modern Cooking" represents the content, organizational conditions, stages of educational activity of the system of basic General and additional education for the successful realization of the individual abilities of each student. The variety of forms and methods of this connection provides students with a wider range of opportunities for the implementation of educational needs, and teachers - new opportunities for the realization of their creative potential. The program consistently built classes in a certain methodical sequence, taking into account the knowledge and skills of students.

The main objectives of the circle:

* development of aesthetic taste of students

* expansion of students ' knowledge about the concept of bakery and confectionery production, catering

* studying dishes of different nationalities

* formation and development of creative abilities of students in cooking

* practical application of flow charts in the preparation of dishes

This circle should expand and deepen knowledge and skills in cooking, and contribute to the effective application of theory in practice, to give an idea of current trends in baking, confectionery production, to acquaint with the cuisine of the peoples of the world.

Intended result

Students will gain knowledge:

- rules for safety when performing culinary works;

- bakery and confectionery production;

- types of national dishes;

- methods of preparation and decoration of dishes;

- nutritional value of products and dishes;

- rules of conduct at the table;

- sanitary and hygienic requirements for raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products;

- information about new and modern trends, for example molecular cuisine;

- food hygiene, proper nutrition.

Students will acquire skills:

- methods of thermal cooking;

- how to cook cold, hot dishes;

- how to prepare dough products;

- how to decorate the finished dish, fortify food;

- how to lay the table;

- how to comply with sanitary and environmental requirements;

- how to observe safety regulations;

- how to behave properly at the table;

- independently carry out calculation of dishes

- methods of cooking molecular cuisine

The circle is organized in the experimental production shop for the production of bread and bakery products, which is equipped with everything necessary for the study of the program and the preparation of various dishes in practice. Classes in the circle will end with the implementation and protection of projects.

Group leader, Ph. D. Mashanova  N.S.