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Club «  Mangilik El »

Club «Mangilik El»

The club was organized in  26.09.2017.

The head of the scientific club: Abdildina Kh.S., Ph.D., senior lecturer

The main goal of the student scientific club "Mangilik el” is mastering the methodology of scientific research by students, as well as involving students in research work and research of sociopolitical issues of society.

The staff of  the scientific club are  Gappasova A., Sadykova T., Kakhanov S., Amantaev Ә., Bakhtiyar A., ​​Iembergen A., Suken A., Bimurzaeva A., Zeynullina M., Mergali T., Kabzhiev A., Zhakupbekov A ., Shayakhan A., Sabi A.

Information about the activities of the club: Within the scientific club  students conducted sociological studies on the topics: " Trinity of the language", "Places in Kazakhstan", "Traditions", "Future profession". In the future, the scientific club plan is to participate in scientific student conferences.

Состав научного кружка: Гаппасова А., Садыкова Т., Каханов С., Амантаев Ә., Бахтияр А., Иемберген А., Сәкен Ә., Бимурзаева А., Зейнуллина М., Мергали Т., Кабжиев А., Жакупбеков А., Шаяхан Ә., Саби Ә.

Информация о мероприятиях кружка: В рамках научного кружка студенты проводили социологические исследования по темам: «Үш тұғырлы тіл», «Қазақстанның киелі жерлері», «Мәңгілік ұлттық дәстүрлер», «Болашақта жоғалатын мамандықтар». В будущем научный кружок планирует участвовать в научных студенческих конференциях.