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 Club “Strategic Marketing”

Club Strategic Marketing

 Since 2010, the department "Marketing and Service" is working on the activation of scientific activities of students specialties of the department. There were student subject and problem scientific divisions in different academic years. At the moment it is the club "Strategic Marketing".

   The objectives of the work are:

  • Correlation of theoretical knowledge with practical skills.
  • Increase the importance of the subjects in front of students.
  • Forming students' research skills.
  • Teaching skills in the presentation of their work.

   Members of the club are students of economic specialties, most of them having the ability to research activities.

   Scientific guidance from 2010 to the present is carried out by the Ph.D., acting. Associate Professor Karabasov Rasul Asylbekovich.

   The work is carried out in several directions. This is the writing of articles for participation in various scientific conferences and publication in scientific journals Also it is a preparation of students for participation in competitions of scientific works. Here students can be prepared  for a special Olympics on specialty and so on.

   During the period of work, certain results were achieved. In particular, it is possible to notice 3rd  place in the Republican Olympiad on marketing in  Almaty. Third place students got in the Republican Olympiad for the "Social and Cultural Service" in Karaganda, 2017.

   In addition, it is possible to notice a participation in two international Olympiads and an international scientific event. Also the students take active part in the competition of scientific works of the University and at the conference "Seifullin Readings" every year.