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Infrared circuits «Digital energy»

Mission of student's scientific-practical mug:

In the field of power engineering and formation of students, undergraduates and lecturers of the KATU im.Seifullina, to solve various engineering and research-and-production tasks in the field of digital energy in digital technology, digitalization in the power engineering.


  • Specialization in the field of electric power systems with the methods of application of the project;
  • Development and training of laboratory equipment;
  • Grants for grants and research and development designs.
  • Students in a workshop on studying, developing interesting research in the field of research;
  • Formation of student interests and needs in the field of creativity;
  • Consolidation and expansion of specifications in the field of renewable energy in electric power industry;
  • Adjectives with collective and individual research;
  • The development of scientific research, research, research, research and development in the process of obtaining education;
  • Promote the development of student - centered, productive creativity and effectively apply the practical experience of modern science;
  • Encouraging students to pursue research, research, and experimental research;
  • Organizing and organizing competitions in student research, student scientific conferences, Olympiads.

The Purse Of Purple:

  • Teaching staff of the student scientific and practical club in the field of electric power;
  • Scientific-research and development-engineering works on grants for grants;
  • The deeply studied disciplinary discipline;
  • Formation of students in the field of creativity;
  • Orientation of students to active participation in scientific-research activities;
  • Teaching methodology and research in the field of self - employed scientific research;
  • The study of the outstanding and talented students, the use of their creative and intellectual potential for solving the actual challenges of the educational process;
  • Providing access to active student groups in scientific conferences, competitions for the best scientific work, seminars;
  • Hospice and development of seeding and systematics in the research work.

The head of the group is  Zhantlessova Assemgul Beysembayevna, senior lecturer of the department "Operation of electrical equipment", PhD.