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"Mechanical and mathematical modeling» club

The club " Mechanical and mathematical modeling "was organized in 2018 on the basis of the club" CAD", which in turn was organized at the Department of "Technical mechanics " in 2016.

During the period of the club more than 15 students took part in the National student research conferences, annually participate in the Republican subject Olympiad.

Students of the club "Mechanical and mathematical modeling" are the winners of competitions of research works, have articles and abstracts, both at national and foreign conferences.

The purpose of the "MMM" club is to attract students to engage in research and development for a more in-depth study of their major.

The main objectives of the club:

  • Development of cognitive interests, creative abilities and independence of students;
  • Increased self-education and the formation of professional thinking;
  • Facilitate the disclosure of research potential of students;
  • Development of skills in scientific thinking;
  • Involvement of students in research of fundamental and applied nature;

The club "Mechanical and mathematical modeling" invites all fans of science and everyone who wants to replenish their knowledge and skills, to learn more about their specialty in their ranks.

We are waiting for YOU ​​!!!!


Head of the “MMM” Club, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Alizhan Almas