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OBJECTIVE of Formula Student sci-tech study group:

Formula Student is an international educational project based on the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), whose goal is to develop engineering thinking among students and to educate professionals who are ready to solve creative tasks. The purpose of this sci-tech (scientific-technical) study group is the same: to give students the opportunity to gain experience in a real project to develop a racing car, and also to acquire useful skills, including team work, solving non-standard problems, achieving results in competitive conditions, studying the full production cycle, from concept to the finished product.

TASK: According to the idea of ​​the organizers of the competitions, which are part of the Collegiate Design Series (SAE), a team of university students is an engineering company that must develop, build and test a prototype of a Formula car for the market of non-professional racing cars. From here the main task and test for the teams is the construction of the car itself, which can successfully pass all the disciplines in competitions in one of the 13 countries of the world: England, Germany, USA, Russia, China, Japan, Italy, Czech Republic, etc. The car must be built according to special rules (regulations), the purpose of which is to ensure safety on the track (racing cars are managed by students), and also help to find solutions to problems arising in the development. In this case, the team must provide all the design documentation for the project and prove that the applied technical solutions are optimal.

Scientific advisers of the club: senior lecturer V.N. Khlynov, assistant A.B. Bayanov, assistant A. Sarsenkyzy.