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Research club of department “Veterinary sanitation”

Research club of department “Veterinary sanitation”

Scientific research club for students  "Epizootological aspects of carrying out preventive measures in the current conditions of animal husbandry, taking into account the recommendations of the OIE"

Goals of the research club:

Formation of students' skills in scientific research work, development of creative initiative and ability in practice to apply the achievements of scientific and technological progress.

Basic tasks of the research club:

  • the formation of a professional creative thinking skills by mastering scientific methods of learning and research;
  • mastering of learning scientific methods of cognition;
  • mastering of modern information technologies and methods;
  • the formation of a scientific approach to assessing the relevance of scientific directions;
  • establishment of close relations of the student's interests with the scientific and educational direction of the department, strengthening of his creative contacts with the teacher in the binary process of education. 

   Results of the scientific research work of the student:

  1. According to the results of the research work of the student research club in 2017 academic year, 13 students and 2 doctoral students of the specialty "Veterinary Sanitation" were engaged.
  2. Doctoral students Esembekova G.N., Bakishev T.G. were the executors of the project "Regionalization of the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan by categories of biological safety in case of especially dangerous animal infectious diseases" (rabies, anthrax, echinococcosis) under the budget program 249 "Creation of conditions for livestock development and production, processing, sale of livestock products", 2017.
  3. 3 years of study of the doctoral student Esembekova G.N. has been successfully completed with a defense of the thesis on epizootological features of rabies in the conditions of Kazakhstan.
  4. The doctoral student Bakishev T.G. during the 2 years of study carried out the collection and analysis of scientific and experimental data needed for writing the thesis.

   Thus, the participation of students in a scientific research club provides an opportunity for the development of deeper knowledge, the acquisition of scientific and research experience, which in turn affects the formation of quality professionals. In addition, scientific achievements of students are used in production conditions.