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Research club"Transport worker"

The "Transport worker"club works at the department "Transport Equipment and Technologies" since 2016. 

The main purpose of the club: 

  • Involvement of students who are interested in research work;
  • Forming students' interest and needs for scientific creativity;
  • Deepening and expanding specialized knowledge in the field of transport technology and technology;
  • Development of new methods and techniques of experimental and pilot-industrial research;
  • Familiarity with methods of collective and individual research work;
  • Development of skills of scientific thinking, scientific independence, deepening and consolidation of knowledge received in the process of teaching;
  • Facilitate the disclosure of the research potential of members of the Council of People's Commissars;
  • Improving the quality of training of students who are able to apply creatively and effectively in their practical activities the achievements of modern science;
  • Involvement of students in scientific research of fundamental, exploratory and applied nature;
  • Creation of prerequisites for the development of scientific thinking, creative approach and development of scientific, intellectual initiative of the participants in the scientific club;
  • Organization and holding of student scientific works competitions, student scientific conferences, olympiads. 

         The tasks of the "Transport worker" club: 

  • In-depth study of selected discipline by students;
  • Forming students' interest in scientific creativity;
  • Orientation of students to active participation in research activities;
  • Encouraging students to have skills in research and development and their participation in the development of the most important scientific directions of the university;
  • Training methods and skills of writing independent scientific research;
  • Identification of the most gifted and talented students, use of their creative and intellectual potential for solving urgent problems of increasing the effectiveness of the educational process;
  • Ensuring active participation of students in scientific conferences, competitions for the best scientific work, scientific seminars;
  • Upbringing and development of purposefulness and consistency in scientific activity;
  • Contributing to mastering the methods of analyzing research results, the art of discussion, speaking to the audience with reports and presentations. 

         Achievements of the members of the scientific club: 

         The participants of the scientific club actively participate in the republican and international scientific conferences, subject Olympiads, intellectual games, the achievements of participation in which are getting diplomas and certificates for prizes. 

         The head of the scientific club: the candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, head of the department "Transport equipment and technologies" Balgabekov Toleu Kunzholovich. 

Study of the production process

in the logistics center of Astana

Study of  automobile`s work                             

Student's interest to science

Congratulation of the winners of scientific clubs

Congratulation of the winners of scientific clubs