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Scientific-research circle "Ichthyologist" 

Scientific-research circle "Ichthyologist" 

Scientific-research circle has been operating since 2012 on the basis of the Department of "Hunting and Fisheries"

The aim of the circle: 

To give the students of the specialty "Fisheries and Industrial Fisheries" the basic skills of conducting research work in the fish breeding industry and in general in aquaculture. 

The main objectives of the circle: 

  • to master the skills of fishing in the new conditions of aquaculture.
  • to obtain full information on the reasons for the reduction of fish resources in the republic.
  • to master the skills of conducting research work in this field 

The main duties of the scientific circle: 

  1. To acquaint and get in-depth knowledge on the biology of fish inhabiting the reservoirs of Kazakhstan;
  2. To take part in the work of scientific projects on the fishing industry;
  3. To take part in the work of scientific projects on the innovative technology of cultivation of new aquaculture facilities (clarias, tilapia, Australian crayfish, etc.);
  4. Master the methods of studying fish.

Heads of the student scientific research circle “IHTIOLOGIST” 

  • Zhamanbaev T.D. - Senior Lecturer -head of the circle
  • Marlenov EB, - Senior Lecturer
  • Shaharova S., Assistant
  • Kunachaleev J.- Senior Lecturer. head of scientific projects. 

Expected Result: 

  1. Full participation in research projects;
  2. Based on the results of the work presentation with a report at the scientific and production conferences of students;
  3. Performing the themes of the theses;
  4. Recommendations for the introduction of new technologies for aquaculture production.