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Scientific research club “Computer and mathematical modeling”

Scientific research club “Computer and mathematical modeling”

   The purpose of the scientific research club: The main purpose of the scientific research club is to improve the quality of the training of students and postgraduates of the faculty and to inculcate scientific research skills.


  • to give direction for the formation of a professional specialist that able to compete in modern life and to inculcate skills to work effectively;
  • to form moral qualities such as care, kindness, honesty and educate loving and respectful feelings for the motherland, also to inculcate skills of effective use of time and knowledge, make a decision and be responsible for it;
  • to teach to prepare and write scientific theses and articles;
  • to teach and inculcate scientific and ethical values ​​(plagiarism, etc.) in research;
  • to improve professional knowledge and practical skills in students’ scientific research.

   Expected results: The research questions considered within the circles are co-directed with modern scientific streams such as:

  • Data protection;
  • Application of 3D modeling in engineering;
  • Queuing system;
  • Effective database management;
  • Methods of interactive learning;
  • Automated systems;
  • Development of mobile applications;
  • Image processing;
  • Advanced software;
  • Management methods.

   The suggested research directions amplify students’ knowledge and will enable the application of the acquired skills in future professional activities. The selected main scientific areas are closely connected with long-term scientific research of the teaching staff.

   The responsible heads of the scientific research club are: Senior lecturer, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Aniyarov Almir Askarovich, acting Associate Professor, PhD, Nurakhmetov Daulet Bagdatuly and Academic teaching staff of the Department of "Information Systems".