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Scientific-research club “Surgeons”

Scientific-research club “Surgeons”

Scientific-research club has been functioning since 2000 on the basis of Veterinary Medicine Department.            

Goal of the club:

To give the students of Veterinary medicine main skills of research work in professional sphere.  

Objectives of the club:

  • To master clinical research methods of animal’s and bird’s diseases;
  • To master surgical research and operation methods;
  • To master sanitation and disease prevention methods;
  • To master research work skills in this sphere.

Main duties of the club:    

  1. To get acquainted and deepen the knowledge of surgical diseases of animals and birds;
  2. To master methods of treatment and prevention of surgical diseases;
  3. To master methods of study of animals’ and birds’ diseases. 

Supervisors of students’ scientific-research club “Surgeons”:

  • Kamsayev К.М.- Associate Professor
  • Domanov D.Y. – Senior Lecturer 
  • Omarov К.Zh. – Teaching Assistant
  • Teterin А.V. – Teaching Assistant

Expected results:

  1. According to the results of works students will report at scientific research conferences;
  2. Fulfillment of diploma work titles;
  3. Participation at students’ contests;
  4. To write and publish articles in scientific journals.