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 Student research club "Animal husbandry technologist"

 Student research club "Animal husbandry technologist"

"Animal husbandry technologist" research student's club was set up in 2013 at the department "Technology of production and processing of livestock products".

The purpose of the club:

Explanatory work on the status and potential of the livestock sector in the Republic, programs aimed at improving animal husbandry in our country, documents used in animal husbandry and laws applicable in breeding work, the scientific basis for improving the products of this sector and the development of breeding business; acquaintance of students with scientific projects of the department; give a scientific direction of the students’research work.

The main objectives of the club:

  • To expand the horizons of the young researcher;
  • To encourage to get information on livestock sectors;
  • To know the laws and regulations used in the livestock sector;
  • To teach to draw up correctly the schemes of the young researcher's experience.

Expected Result:

  • To master the methodology of research work;
  • Positive dynamics of creative activity of students;
  • Ability to use scientific and methodical literature, the ability to use modern sources of information;
  • Participation in scientific conferences and scientific projects.

The scientific supervisors of the club: Bostanova S. K, Senkebaeva D.Т.