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Student scientific club "Biocolority"

Student scientific club "Biocolority"

The scientific research club has been operating since 2001 on the basis of the department "Microbiology and biotechnology" 

The purpose of the club:

To give the students of the specialty "Biotechnology" the basic skills of conducting research work  in the direction of "Veterinary Biotechnology", "Plant Biotechnology", "Immunobiotechnology", "Cell Biotechnology", "Genetic Engineering"

Tasks of the club:

  • master the methods of biochemical, microbiological, mycological, immunological, immunochemical studies;
  • master the molecular genetic methods of organisms’ identification ;
  • master the methods of development of diagnostic and therapeutic- prophylactic biologics for veterinary and agriculture;
  • master the skills of conducting research work in these areas.

The main duties of the scientific club:

  1. To acquaint and gain in-depth knowledge in various areas of biotechnology;
  2. To obtain in-depth knowledge on immunobiotechnology and plant bioengineering
  3. To master the methodology of obtaining monoclonal antibodies, molecular-genetic studies, bioinformatics.

Heads of the student's research club"Biokolority":

  • A.K. Bulashev - professor
  • E.V Kukhar - associate professor
  • S.S. Bekkuzhina - associate professor
  • Zh.A Suranšiev - associate Professor
  • Kh.Zh . Zhumabayev - associate Professor
  • O.S.Akibekov - senior teacher
  • M.Zh. Kairova - senior teacher 

Expected Result:

  • Based on the results of the work, presentation of the report at the students’ scientific and practical conferences ;
  • Doing theses work;
  • Participation in the competition of student ‘s work
  • Writing and publishing articles and abstracts in scientific journals
  • Joint preparation and filing of patent applications.