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Student scientific research club "Compomix"

Student scientific research club "Compomix" was organized in September 2019 on the basis of the Department of Soil Science and Agrochemistry at the Agronomic Faculty. The head of the club is the doctor of biological sciences, professor of the Department of Soil Science and Agrochemistry Nauanova A.P., organizing its work during the academic year and ensuring the active participation of students of all courses. The group unites on a voluntary basis students 2-4-th year, actively engaged in research work.

The purpose of the club: to attract students to participate in research work of the department, to improve their practical skills by involving them in  training activities.


  • To improve educational skills through giving opportunities to deepen their knowledge;
  • To train students for self-study;
  • To teach students to gather not only theoretical, but also practical knowledge;
  • selection and recommendation of prospective students actively engaged in research for continuing education in the magistracy.