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Student scientific research club "Phytodоctor"

   Student scientific research club "Phytodоctor" was organized in February 2013 on the basis of the Department of Plant Protection and Quarantine at the Agronomic Faculty. The head of the club is the candidate of agricultural sciences, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Plant Protection and Quarantine Yatsyuk S.V., organizing its work during the academic year and ensuring the active participation of students of all courses. The group unites on a voluntary basis students 2-4-th year, actively engaged in research work.

   The main goal of the club is the formation of students' skills in research work, the development of creative initiative and the ability in practice to apply the achievements of scientific and technological progress.

   The main tasks of the scientific club are:

  • attracting students to participate in the research work of the department (faculty) and mastering new technologies;
  • propagation of various forms of scientific creativity and development of interest in research;
  • familiarization with methods of research in conducting field and laboratory experiments;
  • education of creative attitude to their profession through research;
  • participation in university and intercollegiate competitions of scientific student works, student conferences on modern problems of science and practice, subject Olympiads, etc.
  • assistance in the implementation of the results of the scientific creativity of students through the preparation of publications;
  • selection and recommendation of prospective students actively engaged in research for continuing education in the magistracy.

   The members of the scientific club are updated annually, in the 2017-2018 academic year, it included 32 students of various courses



2 course

Arinova Bakytzhan, Tagambaev Damir, Stepanov Dmitriy, Raspaeva Malika, Oganezova Madina, Kusainova Madina, Tuleev Azamat, Babakhanov Sunnat, Ismagambetova Kamila, Ziya Inara, Karimova Anel, Amirbai Zhasulan, Karazhanova Dilyara, Balgabaeva Dinara, Almat Anel

3 course

Sharipbekova Sevara, Balabek Akhan, Igilikkyzy Dayan, Ahmetbaeva Kamila, Augaliev Sayat


Uteuov Akdaulet, Shaimergenova Sabina, Rusalieva Nargiza, Dzhumagulov Arsen, AralovaAnar, Sushko Nadezhda, Topparbekova Sania, Kenesova Asel, Baybusinova Dinara, Sady Ainur, Yerimbetova Khergerim, Bekzhan Nazigul

    At the meetings of the scientific circle students consolidate their theoretical knowledge, are engaged in the preparation of collections of pests as visual aids for classes in special disciplines; participate in meetings-seminars with senior students who have received practical training in leading research institutes of the country and private agricultural enterprises; with specialists in the field of plant protection and quarantine, working in the leading research institutes of the Republic and employees of the civil service departments of the Republic of Kazakhstan (photographic materials are attached).