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The scientific club «The students' security service of traffic»

The club: "The students' security service of traffic"has been functioning at the department of «Transport Equipment and Technologies»since 2015 year. 

The main goal of scientific club is organization of students' research activity the area of organization traffic and it's safety measures. 

The objectives of the scientific club:

- increasing students’knowledge the area of organization traffic and it's safety measures;
- involving students to the scientific-research work in this area;
- revealing the most talanted, gifted students interested in New scientific developments and topical direction of international and own scientists.
- creation of prerequisites for the development of scientific thinking, creative approach and develop of the scientific initiative of the members of scientific club.
- attract students to the scientific research.

 Achievements of members the scientific club: every year the members of the scientific club take an active part in the students' republic competitions of scientific research works in the republic conferences, subject Olympiads.

The head of the scientific club:

PhD in technical sciences, senior lecturerZhandarbekova A.M., Sagatbekova A.B.