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The student group "Pathology"

The student group "Pathology"

Research circle operates since 2013 on the basis of the Department" Veterinary sanitation"

The aim of this class:

To give to students of the specialty "Veterinary sanitation" the basic skills of conducting research work in the pathoanatomical direction and veterinary and sanitary examination.

Tasks mug:

  • master the methods of clinical research of small animal diseases;
  • learn the techniques in post-mortem examinations, autopsy ;
  • to learn methods of research of diseases of small animals;
  • to master methods of organoleptic and physico-chemical researches of animal products;
  • master the skills of conducting research in these areas.

The main responsibilities of the scientific circle:

  1. To familiarize and to gain a deep knowledge of the pathology and epizootiology of diseases of small animals;
  2. Gain in-depth knowledge on VSE livestock products
  3. To master the methodology of studying diseases of small animals and livestock products

The leaders of the student research circle "Pathology":

  • K. K. Ashimova, - associate Professor - head of the circle
  • A.A. Bainetov, - associate Professor
  • M. Alenova, assistant

Expected result:

  1. Presentation at scientific and production conferences of students, based on the results of the work;
  2. Implementation of the diploma works;
  3. Participation in the competition of student works
  4. Write and publish articles in scientific journals