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«Young Accountant»

«Young Accountant»

Date of foundation of the scientific research club: 2007

Head of the scientific research club: Master of Economic Sciences, Assistant D.M. Nurpeyisova

The purpose of the scientific research club is to organize the students’ participation in the work of scientific club, to popularize science and scientific activity among students, to improve knowledge of studied disciplines, to teach the members of the club to make independent research work, and to attract students to participate in scientific conferences, Olympiads, briefings, competitions, business games.

Formation of the scientific club: the students of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th courses of the specialty "Accounting and Audit".

The main tasks of the scientific research club "Young Accountant" is:

  • To ensure the active participation of students in republican and international scientific conferences, competitions for the best scientific work, scientific seminars, briefings, Olympiads and intellectual games;
  • To form students' interest in scientific research work, teaching methods and ways on independent solution of scientific problems in the field of financial, tax and management accounting and audit in accordance with international standards;
  • To assist in mastering the methodology and skills of conducting independent scientific research work and developing scientific problems on current research topics;
  • To prepare the reserve of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel from among the most bright, active and successful students;
  • To identify the most gifted and talented students, taking into account their creative and intellectual potential to solve urgent problems of increasing the effectiveness of the educational process.

Achievements of the members of the scientific research club: The members of the club actively participate in the republican and international scientific conferences, subject Olympiads, intellectual games, the achievements of participation are appraise by diplomas and certificates.