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"Young Physiologist" scientific-research circle

"Young Physiologist" scientific-research circle 

Student's circle was created in 2014 at the Department of Morphology and Physiology.

The aim of the circle: 

To introduce students to the physiological characteristics, the diversity of processes, the connection between the environment and the functional peculiarity of individual organs and systems of the organism of agricultural animals, and to give scientific directions.      

The main objectives of the circle: 

  • To expand the horizons of the young researcher;
  • To promote the popularization of knowledge among students in the knowledge of the work of the organism.          

Expected Result: 

  • Positive dynamics of students' creative activity;
  • Ability to use modern sources of information, work with scientific and educational literature;
  • Participation in scientific conferences and scientific projects.

Circle leaders: 

  • Associate Professor S.A. Ashimov
  • Senior lecturer Orazbekov S.A.