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"Young scientist-zoologist" scientific research club.

"Young scientist-zoologist" scientific research club

The student club was created at the Department of Morphology and Physiology in 2014.

The purpose of scientific research club are:

To familiarize students with the diversity of the animal world, their role in biosphere and give scientific direction.
The main tasks of the club are:
• Expand the horizons of the young researcher;
• Promote the popularization of zoological knowledge among students;
• Familiarization with the species composition of fauna of the Republic of Kazakhstan with rare and disappearing animals.

Expected Results:
• Positive dynamics of creative activity of students;
•Ability to use modern sources of information, work with scientific and educational literature;
• Participation in scientific conferences and scientific projects.
The supervisors of the club: Akimbekova AF, Ahmetbekov NA.

Ожидаемый результат:

  • -Положительная динамика творческой активности студентов;
  • - Умение пользоваться современными источниками информации, работать с научной и учебной литературой;
  • -Участие в научных конференциях и научных проектах.

  Руководители кружка: Акимбекова А.Ф., Ахметбеков Н.А.