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THE «RUHANIAT» scientific and literary-cognitive club

Basic Principles:

The Ruhaniyat scientific and literary-cognitive club, created by the Department of Kazakh and Russian Languages at the Faculty of Humanities of our University, develops humanistic qualities and creative abilities of students. 

The purpose of the club:

Educating students in the competitive, innovative, searchable youth of the country, building patriotism, civic qualities.

Club tasks:

Providing information on ethnicity, religion, culture, traditions, language and history to absorb spiritual and cultural values of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

  • Creating favorable conditions for students to enhance their knowledge of the official language and native language, as well as raise the level of general humanitarian training for studying;
  • Formation of spiritual unity, preservation of interethnic friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation, formation of stability among university students.
  • To develop students' human qualities and moral values. Be careful about good and humility by respecting the older, caring for younger, loyal and friend-friendly qualities;
  • Achieving the values of civilizations along the path of education and science by supporting national traditional education in the "Spiritual Renaissance" direction;
  • To be able to live with the pace of the new era, to absorb the national values and spiritual qualities, to appreciate the dignity of the country, to work for the country, to become a good citizen and become a competitive person.

The activities of the club:

  • Preparation of various literary-creative, scientific projects in accordance with the plan in the direction of the development of students' values in the direction of "Spiritual Revival" with the national tradition, education and science;
  • Organization of general cultural events aimed at promoting national culture, culture and history;
  • Conducting lectures, lectures, seminars, trainings on various issues of ethnos and language;
  • To research and explore the ability to gather, analyze, and systematically forecast the material in the various topics of the conference;
  • Exchange of experiences with other higher education institutions;
  • To study the state language, to get acquainted with the traditions, history, culture and language of representatives of other nationalities, to create favorable conditions for creativity;
  • Enable the ability to master certain or some of their artistic talent by promoting the national traditions and culture of the Kazakh people;
  • Formation of youth to think through the round tables and seminars, to speak freely and solve problems. 

Scientific and literary-cognitive club "Rukhaniat"

Supervisor:   Toksanbayeva T.Zh.

Executives:   Belyaeva D.G., Kaldanbek N.E.