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The Committee on Youth Affairs

The strategic goal of the development of the youth affairs committee in the field of youth policy is to provide conditions for the educational process based on modern technologies of working with young people, as well as the full development and self-realization of the personal qualities of students who can make a worthy contribution to the development of Kazakhstani society.

The Committee on Youth Affairs is functioning in the following areas:

  • organization of activities for the implementation of the State Youth Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, ensuring compliance with the rights and social protection of students;
  • coordination of activities of public organizations of the university, self-government bodies and interest clubs;
  • organization of activities for the prevention of religious extremism, crime among students and the fight against corruption;
  • organizing social, political, moral, ethno-cultural education and promoting healthy lifestyles;
  • organization of recreational and educational activities, with the aim of preventing tobacco smoking and reducing the number of smokers among students, and combating drug addiction;
  • cooperation with the department of languages, organization of joint activities in the state language;
  • organizing of events aimed at inculcating elements of culture and a creative outlook, respectful attitude to seniors, moral and psychological impact.


The supreme governing body of The Committee on Youth Affairs is the Presidium. The structure of the Presidium of the CYA includes: the chairman of the CYA (chairman of the presidium), his deputy, the chairmen of the CYA of faculties, heads of departments of the Committee, representatives of public associations of the University.

At its meetings, the Presidium of the Committee on Youth Affairs considers all issues relating to the youth of the University, hears reports, reports of youth structures. Decisions of the Presidium of the CYA, issued in the form of Resolutions, instructions, are obligatory for execution by committees of faculties, structural subdivisions of the Committee, representatives of public associations of the University.

Chairman of the Committee on Youth Affairs ­­– Bakytkhan Galiya

Nur-Sultan, A.Moldagulova Ave 29 G. Youth center KATU

Telephone: 8 705 5522525

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