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Alliance of students

The organization which embodies an intellectual, creative, spiritual, innovative condition of students of S. Seifullin Kazakh agrotechnical university.

The main goal of Alliance of students at S. Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical university  – the organization which propagandizes activity of students, healthy lifestyle and also will organize actions for its direction among the universities, cities.

  • Prevention among youth and teenagers of crime, drug addiction, toxicomania and other types of deviant behavior and also fight against them;
  • Formation a healthy lifestyle among students;
  • To develop internal and external relationship of ASK;
  • To increase activity of youth students on the basis of the State youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Promotion and involvement of youth to national sports;
  • To create all-round development and opinions of students;
  • To have an impact on the correct use of time of students;
  • To assist in improvement of a household condition of youth, to natural development, sport, development of tourism and to formation of a healthy lifestyle among students;
  • Education of youth to respect of the senior generation, kindness and care.

Chairman of the organization – student of  the Faculty of Economics  Zhasbatyrova Aruzhan.