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Student's parliament

The organization which unites all public associations of S. Seifullin Kazakh agro technical university forms the correct moral and psychological environment among youth, supports youth from the social party, directs in the organization and development of administrative works in the hostel.

Tasks of the organization of student's Parliament:

  • Development of actions for prevention of corruption and corruption emergence prevention;
  • Review of the decision of the questions concerning educational and social work of the student's organizations;
  • Ensuring protection of the rights and the interests of student's youth at the university;
  • Support of socially important initiatives of youth and their realization;
  • Improvement of living conditions of youth, assistance to improvement;
  • To bring up youth to respect the senior, education in the spirit of care and mercies;
  • To cooperate with the youth organizations of other countries and with institutes of civil society, creation of the relevant agreements;
  • To participate actively, approve and make decisions in the development of socially important projects in the sphere of youth policy, youth programs and in their realization;
  • Establishment of communication with other youth organizations, development and its strengthening.

Chairman of the organization – student of faculty Dukenbai Meruert.