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Student's trade-union committee Samgau (Flight)

The student's trade-union committee Samgau of public association - was created on January 29, 2010. The community is not the commercial organization, and does not support the purpose.

Purposes and tasks of the Student's trade-union organization "Samgau":

  • social protection of students;
  • protection of the rights of student's youth;
  • assistance in the organization of improvement of health at students;
  • the invitation of new members in trade-union structure and creation of new structural divisions;
  • providing financial support to students, without parental support, to student's families and needy families;
  • creation of social and economic conditions for students, their assistance spiritual culturally to development, creative abilities, education and healthy lifestyle;
  • rewarding of students who took active part in public life of the university and achieved progress in study;
  • support of the creative direction of students;
  • implementation of other types of activity specified in the Charter of labor union.

40 students work in the organization.

Chairman of the organization – Danabekuly Akylbek.