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Youth movement "Zhas Otan"

Youth movement "Zhas Otan" at Nur Otan party (further – YM "Zhas Otan") - the voluntary association of students of Kazakh agro technical university expressing the interests of young citizens of various social groups, representing them in representative and executive bodies of the government, local government.

Full name: student's organization Youth movement "Zhas Otan".

Tasks of YM "Zhas Otan" are:

  • formation at youth of feeling of the Kazakhstan patriotism and a responsible civic stand, respect for the state symbols of the republic, cultural heritage, languages and traditions of the people of Kazakhstan;
  • involvement of youth in processes of creation democratic, social and fair society;
  • assistance in realization of the state youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • participation in activities for protection of political, economic, social and other rights of youth;
  • involvement of young people to processes of strengthening the economic, social sphere, deepening of democratization of the Kazakhstan society, maintaining social and political stability, consent, sustainable development of the country;
  • assistance to formation of youth culture, to increase in educational, intellectual and professional level of youth;
  • assistance to development of youth business, assistance in employment of young citizens of Kazakhstan;
  • support and realization of socially important initiatives of youth;
  • education of youth in the spirit of respect, cares and mercies to the senior generation;
  • promotion and explanation to the population the program documents of Nur Otan party and YM "Zhas Otan", involvement in ranks of YM "Zhas Otan" the young people supporting its purposes and tasks;
  • implementation of cooperation with the youth organizations and other institutes of civil society of other countries, conclusion of the relevant agreements.

Chairman of the organization – student of  Agronomy faculty  Koldasbaev Baurzhan.