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The official duties of a specialist theologian:

  • the theologian leads the religious education at the university
  • Mandatory implementation of the decision of the theological specialist of the university by the deputy deans for educational work of each faculty 

Responsibilities of a university theologian:

  • identify areas of religious beliefs of students:
  1. Make a survey among students
  2. Conduct a personal interview
  • organization of various events on religious topics at the university
  • development of an expert opinion on religious literature in the university library
  • lectures on curatorial hours on topical issues of religion
  • conducting educational work on spiritual and moral issues
  • Participation in the organization and improvement of the religious educational process at the faculties.
  • Report on religious education at a meeting of the academic council of the university 

Rights of the theologian:

  • A university theologian is authorized to regulate the religious problems of youth at the university.
  • Participation in the discussion and decision-making on the activities of the university to identify and improve the religious literacy of youth. 


The theologian is responsible for:

  • fulfill the rights and obligations stipulated by this job description 
  • get the correct and legal information for each student in a religious direction
  • for religious and educational work at the university
  • taking measures to preserve the material values ​​used by the university
  • Theogol's work in university dormitories 

Information about the theologian:

Zaithan Ergali - Master of Arts, tel: 8707 368 05 30