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Youth organizations in the university

Democratization of the higher school, modern approaches to the organization of training and education in higher education institution demand broad participation of students in management of higher education institution, i.e. in the solution of numerous questions of study, life and rest, providing conditions for formation of the identity of future expert.

The system of student's self-government created in S.Seifullin Kazakh agrotechnical universityin this regard is indicative. This multilevel system includes the following:
- The committee on affairs of youth implements the youth policy at university and development of measures for its realization. It participates in the organization and improvement of teaching and educational process at university.
- Student's Parliament is created for consolidation and coordination of work of all public associations of higher education institution
- Alliance of students of Kazakhstan. Students of our higher education institution are active participants and organizers of city campaigns on formation of healthy lifestyle anti-corruption actions.
- The student's trade-union committee carries out a lot of work on rendering financial support, stationery, issue of free travel tickets for orphan students, students from needing, large families.